Putting a positive spin on chronic illness, from someone who has been there

One of the best videos on pain and chronic pain I’ve ever seen! Written for the public, Dr. Allan Basbaum explains things so that everyone can understand (and he even shows an experiment you can run on your friends to get them to understand chronic pain!).


He does not know of Dr. Marina de Tommaso, who showed that people who suffer from migraines cannot distract themselves from the pain. Migraineurs also seem to differ in the way they pay attention to non-painful sensations. If people are exposed to repeated sounds or images, the neuron responses in the cortex of the brain usually decline over time. Dr. Jean Schoenen from the University of Liege in Belgium showed in 1998 that in migraineurs, such cortical activity fails to decline. In some, the electrical activity even increased. Distraction from pain is not possible for these people.

He knows *VERY* little about BDSM. It does actually hurt, but it’s acute pain, and the body’s reaction to that pain that is sexually stimulating (without getting into any personal pain/punishment perspectives). The body, in a fight-or-flight response to the pain, also creates arousal (men will get hard-ons in combat, too). In the case of masochists, this arousal is also sexual.

It’s also been shown, with the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, that fibromyalgia (among other diseases including, studies show, cancer), may be the result of a Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) Further research is forthcoming.

(Source: uctv.tv)

  • 31 May 2012
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